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Your NAHC Membership provides tools and resources to compare costs, evaluate quality, and find the best care at the best price.

Compare Doctor Costs

The price you pay for the same procedures can vary from one doctor to the next. We help to ensure that you choose the right doctor at the right price.

Identify the best doctors in your plan, for your needs
Confirm your doctor can treat you at the best price
Provide reviews and ratings on doctor quality
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Compare Hospital Costs

Not all healthcare facilities are equal. NAHC helps you compare costs of hospitals, clinics and medical centers to help you select the right one for you.

Identify hospitals in your area rated 3-stars or higher
Confirm your doctor can treat you at a specific facility
Provide cost-comparison reviews and research
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Doctor & Hospital Quality

Get qualified and unbiased reports on the quality ratings, service records, and overall reputations of healthcare providers and the facilities they use.

Evaluations of healthcare-facility quality
Reviews on the reputations of doctors and clinicians
Research and reports on patient satisfaction
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Procedures & Diagnosis

For Members with questions or concerns about procedures and diagnoses, NAHC can assist you with the answers, advice and information you need.

Second-opinion referrals
Reference materials on diagnoses
Information on treatment options
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Take control of your healthcare buying decisions

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